Our Story

Handcrafted Iron Doors

Handcrafted Iron Doors is where superior quality meets beautiful elegance. We take pride in manufacturing an awe-inspiring design that will enhance the beauty and value of your home. Our doors represent unique works of art, individually crafted for you and your home. Meet with our design staff to customize an iron door or select from one of our sophisticated brochure designs to make that statement of exclusivity you and your home deserve.

Handcrafted Iron Doors

An iron door on the front of a home increases the selling value because of the architectural interest. When a buyer sees an iron door on a home, they associate that home with high quality attributes. This creates a Wow factor and curb appeal to the newly constructed or remodeled home.

  • Elegance - Each door is a one-of-a-kind, hand forged work of art.
  • Distinction – With unique feel, texture and tone, our doors make a statement that no other type of door can make.
  • Architectural Flexibility - Our doors suit a full range of architectural tastes and preferences. From Tuscan and Mediterranean styles to the Modern and Contemporary, we cater to all design preferences.
  • Increased Home Value - Enhanced curb appeal for resale and increased return on your investment for your home.
  • Strength and Security - We use a 12-gauge steel door and door frame for an added measure of protection. Our scroll work is 5/8” and covers our hurricane rated Low-E glass.
  • Low Maintenance – Our doors offer a long lasting, maintenance free finish, unlike wood that requires continual maintenance and refinishing. No warping, splitting or cracking.
  • Insulation Value - All doors and jambs are fully insulated with polyurethane foam and secured with Q-Lon weather stripping.

Rick Reid

Thank you for all the business I could imagine and handle. I fell in love with the iron door business because of my passion for creativity and construction. I could not have done it without the help of my wife, Victoria, and the support I have from her. My client relationships are my primary focus, which is crucial to building a successful business. We proved that over the last 7 years and are growing with more referrals than ever before.

Lakewood Ranch is one of the top 5 growing master planned communities in the USA and because of the amount of growth in our area, Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC is expanding. We just purchased a newer larger warehouse and showroom. 2017 was a fantastic year and I feel like we are just getting started. We feel The Lord is leading us in a direction that will bring more focus to the business, our relationships and our community.

Matt Strickland joined our team as our new VP of Sales. He has a proven record as a professional and sales innovator and I want him to bring that same energy to Handcrafted Iron Doors that he has contributed to the other successful business he has teamed with in the past.

Matt and I are excited for the future and want to design and build the door of your dreams. Allow us to be a part of your new home construction and remodeling experience.

Matt Strickland

To begin, I want to thank all the homeowners, builders, and families that have trusted Handcrafted Iron doors. We are a company with big ambitions, and want to grow not only in Florida but in many more states in the US.

For 2018, we have a goal to master our systems, focus on the little things, and let God handle the big things. We have control over what we can directly impact- our relationships, our follow-through, and our quality assurance. We achieved outstanding results in the past 7 years of business and want to bring our results, and expectations to a new level. To do that, we have integrated a few new systems already.

First is our biggest initiative with our client relationships: The Referral Reward Program. Any previous client that refers us to a new client that purchases a door will receive a $100 gift card to a local business of their choice. We realized that we are part of an industry that creates peace and tranquility in a family. “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Providing an entry system that instills a sense of awe and peace into our clients stirred our hearts to present an opportunity for previous clients to pay it forward and show new families what that feeling is like.

The next initiative made us realize we can better integrate technology to educate and design. The doors our clients see in their mind’s eye can be hard to communicate during our innovation sessions. This is why we decided to create a new website that brings our online company image into the new year with a bang! We are starting by refreshing our website and loading 3D images on the site to help see as many designs as possible. The most daunting task is creating a Door Building app on our site to help clients design their desired door. The technology aspect of this is way out of our league, but like I stated earlier, we are raising our results to meet our expectations.

Lastly, we purchased a new showroom and warehouse building. We have renovated the offices to provide a great showroom with colors, hardware, glass options, hurricane bolts and iron doors. Our state of the art warehouse has efficient storage racking for our clients doors to be safe and secure while awaiting to be installed.

We are excited to build new relationships and grow our existing ones during our growth phase of making Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC the best iron door company in the USA.

This year has a great energy around it and an awesomeness that is constantly felt. We are excited to build new relationships, maintain the ones we have, and be present and aware with all that we do. Cheers to 2018!