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FAQ: Door Replacement Process

ANY custom door design, all of our handles, almost all of our glass options, and a standard deadbolt.

Crafting quality takes time. Our commitment to deliver custom excellence means an 18-20 week lead time, ensuring your unique door is worth the wait! This timeframe starts once we receive the final signed contract and 50% deposit. Once we receive your door we will notify you and your subcontractor, from here your subcontractor will take over and schedule your installation.

In order to provide you with a rough estimate, your sales representative will need the approximate size of your current door since we charge based on the door size and not the design. To receive the final estimate, one of our team members will take exact measurements for your new door size. Afterward, your sales representative will provide you with the final quote.

We have a list of our preferred contractors that we have built a relationship with over the years. We recommend them for the installation of your new door. It is the client’s role to contract directly with the installer – not Handcrafted Iron Doors.

The contractor that you have selected from our recommended contractors will contact you and set an installation date.

This will depend on the schedule of the county inspection and when that can be done. Once the inspection is passed, your contractor will be able to schedule your finish work. This process shouldn’t take longer than 2 weeks.

You should plan for at least 6 to 8 hours. This is construction and cutting out and removing the old doors, and any additional things like the lentil takes time. Your new door will then be installed, first the jamb, and then the doors.

There is cutting and construction work being done so there will be some dust, but your contractor will carefully tape off the area to protect your home. The installation contractor cannot just easily remove your old door and put a new one in quickly, it is a construction process.

Your door is being made by hand and the process takes time. It ranges from 18 to 22 weeks before your door arrives in our warehouse in Sarasota. It’s worth the wait. Your door will then be ready for your subcontractor to schedule your installation.

The state of Florida requires contractors to file a permit to do this type of remodeling construction. Rest assured that your Handcrafted Iron Door meets all state and county requirements.