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Handcrafted Iron Doors Limited Warranty

Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC: Warrants our products to the original homeowner to be free from defects in material and workmanship. All products are hand crafted and hand forged, therefore are unique to each owner. Variations in finish and design are common in the finished product. How the door is used and exposure to a variety of elements can and will affect the product in different ways. Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC reserves the right to repair or replace the product in question at its sole discretion.  

Door Warranty: The door parts are covered for a period of 5 years from the date of sale to the customer.  We warrant that the product be free from defects and workmanship that would make the products not serviceable or usable under normal conditions provided they are properly installed per the instructions provided by Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC.

Paint and Finish Warranty: HCID provides a 2 year warranty on paint finish for cracking and peeling for the original manufacturer applied door paint finish.  (Please see door maintenance on page 2 to maintain your warranty).

Glass: 2 year warranty on glass against seal failure on insulated and hurricane rated glass.  Handcrafted Iron Doors warrants the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship.  The clear, low E glass has a film that is applied between the glass panes that can have a wavy, slightly distorted look which is normal for low E glass. The low E clear glass will not be replaced if there is such effect as this is normal with low E film. Handcrafted Iron Doors will not cover breakage due to foreign objects; cosmetic scratches and or distortion in or on the glass that do not impede visibility, glass color, bent glass, decorative/art type glass, distortion, minor glass imperfections that do not affect the normal vision or product performance and the imperfection shall not be detectable at a distance greater than 15 feet, imperfections or scratches in or on the glass due to foreign chemicals or acts of nature are not covered under this warranty. Up to one year, your Handcrafted Iron Door glass and labor is covered from manufacture defects. After one year, if your Handcrafted Iron Door needs new glass due to manufacture defect, the glass will be replaced for free, but there will be a labor charge to remove the old glass and install the new glass. 

What this warranty does NOT cover: Labor charges for installation and damages during the removal or installation of doors from third party vendors outside of Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC will be at your expense.  Damage to the door and door finish caused by: tape, tape residue, paint, pets, acid, stain, any other chemicals; accident, misuse, abuse, foreign objects, salt spray; improper installation, improper care, improper storage, unauthorized articles, modifications, service, improper use, unreasonable use, failure to provide regular maintenance, or acts of nature.

Shipping: When your Handcrafted Iron Door is delivered to you, it MUST be stored under a roof, free from moisture and the elements. Water from rain or other sources can get into the crated door and if left unattended can damage the paint finish and glass because the materials to package the door are not waterproof and can hold the water against the door causing unnecessary damages.

Shipping Damage: If you notice any damage to the package (wood crate, interior packaging material, protective wrapping) at arrival of your product, it is imperative that you note this damage on the document of the shipping company and take photos of the damages then notify Handcrafted Iron Doors within 24 hours of receipt of the product(s).  Shipping damages are NOT considered a product defect, therefore are not covered under this warranty. Even if a package does not have visible exterior damage, the doors could be damaged during shipping so it is advisable to uncrate the door and jamb and inspect them immediately. (see shipment receipt document for step by step instructions)

Extreme Climates: Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC highly recommends a thermally broken door for any state that reaches 40 degrees or below temperatures for extended periods of time.  Handcrafted Iron Doors will not be responsible for a non-thermally broken door that has condensation and or frost that forms on the inside of the door due to harsh weather temperatures. We will not be held responsible for any damages that occur to trim, flooring, or walls.  

Electronic Deadbolt: Our doors are designed to put slight pressure on the door and compress the weatherstripping for the deadbolt to engage and seal the door properly. If you choose to install an electronic deadbolt that you want to automatically lock after you walk away from your door, you may have to file down the strike plate slightly so that the electronic lock will engage without compressing the weatherstripping.  This is not a warranty item. This is not recommended for any door because it does not seal the door unit to the weatherstripping as it should and this could result in water leakage during rain storms because your door is not compressed against the weatherstrip properly.  

Overhand Requirements: Doors need to be protected from the elements as much as possible to prevent potential issues. Doors should have adequate overhang to help shield elements from the door and while this varies by region and direction of door facing, the outward overhang should be equal to one half of the height of the bottom of your door to the base of the overhang.  It is necessary to have an overhang over any door inswing and (or) outswing door for at least half of the total door.  Example: If your door is 96” from the outside floor to the top of the door, your overhang should extend out 48” from the wall. 

Paint Finish:  Handcrafted Iron Doors offers a variety of paint finishes.  Our brushed finishes are recommended as they are easier to touch up in small spot areas.  However, CS013, our black matte finish, is very difficult to touch up in small areas and blend seamlessly.  This can result in your door needing to be completely repainted, if scratched to blend the color.

Door Maintenance (Methods of Care): To clean your Handcrafted Iron Door, we recommend a small amount of a mild soap and water mixture with a soft cloth.  Do not use hard chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials on your door because this will damage your finish. We suggest greasing your door hinges once per year to ensure smooth operation of the door with a grease gun. In order for the warranty to be honored, the client must keep up with normal door maintenance. (See below for frequency of cleaning).

    • Inland Cleaning: For inland climates cleaning your door once a month would be sufficient.  

    • Coastal Cleaning: For coastal climates it is very important to remove the salt residue that can collect on your door once a week to maintain finish. If your door is not properly cleaned, the salt can corrode the finish of the door which will void your warranty. If you see white residue on your door and you are close to the ocean, you are not cleaning your door enough. White salt residue will ruin your paint finish and cause early rusting of the door. If doors are not cleaned several times a month, this can void your warranty.  

Door Installation:  If Handcrafted Iron Doors installs a door in the state of Florida, the job supervisor must inspect the door after installation and sign off with approval verifying that the door is functional and without defects.  Handcrafted Iron Doors will not be held responsible for damages done after the door has been signed off on.  If damages do occur on the door during construction, this will result in additional labor and material fees to fix damages.  Handcrafted Iron Doors installation crew applies plastic around every finished door installation in the state of Florida.  We highly recommend the plastic stay on at all times to protect the door from unnecessary damages. 

Work by Others: Handcrafted Iron Doors does not allow a builder, individual customer, or vendor to repair, replace, or fix any part of an iron door that needs service and deduct that cost off the final price of the door.  In no circumstance is an individual customer, builder, or vendor allowed to hire a third party to work on their door and deduct the cost paid to the third party vendor from the  balance due to Handcrafted Iron Doors.

Balance Due: If any balance due is not paid to Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC for a door, a service, issue or any other payment related issue, the full warranty will be completely void an cannot be reinstated.

All warranty claims MUST be approved by an authorized Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC representative.  

Warranty resolution remains at the discretion of Handcrafted Iron Doors LLC.