Design Features

Transoms and Sidelights

The Transom is the glass piece above the door. The transom can rest directly on the door or be separated by a lentil. Many transoms have decorative scrolling over the glass.


Sidelights are the glass portion to the right and left side of the door(s). These can be plain with no design or have decorative scrolling in them.



Scrolling, or scroll work is the decorative portion that is mainly featured over the glass on the door. Scrolling can be added to the transom, sidelights, and bottom panel. The ornate type of scrolling is thought of most when someone is mentioning an iron door. Newer contemporary designs are changing this typical old world look of an iron door. Many designers and architects are using iron doors to highlight the entrance to homes with our amazing custom contemporary designs.


Bottom Panel

This is the panel at the bottom quarter of the door. The panel can be as decorative or simple as needed. It is customized, just like the door design. Sometimes the bottom panel is referred to as a kick plate